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Asset Management

All aircraft owners, operators and lessors have many concerns regarding asset management.

Rose Aviation specialise in the management of your aircraft fleet and portfolio to give you that peace of mind that your asset is being efficiently monitored from both a commercial and technical perspective. We have extensive experience in all aspects of lease management. Our services range from delivery/redelivery, financial analysis and maintenance reserve calculation, aircraft lease inspection, asset recovery, ferry flight and various other services. We provide a comprehensive technical and records management service that can be tailored for your operations. Our expertise extends to a wide variety of fixed and rotary aircraft including commercial jet and turboprop aircraft.

Our technical services department will manage the development of maintenance programs, aircraft and accessories log books and log cards and all other records. We will conduct comprehensive physical inspections and record reviews, and ensure compliance with Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins. We will review and update all relevant maintenance data and compile work packages for maintenance inspections. In addition, we will manage all maintenance claim handling including maintenance reserve management and settlement, and any associated escalations or adjustments.

The net result to you our customer is an overall level of comfort, safe in the knowledge that your asset is being monitored to industry’s best practice standards, managed to your specific lease conditions, and there are no last minute surprises or unexpected costs.

Lease Management Services:

  • Aircraft Appraisals.
  • Aircraft Technical Acceptance from OEM.
  • Aircraft Delivery/Transfer of Registration in compliance with regulatory requirements (EASA, FAA, Etc).
  • Continuous Airworthiness and Maintenance status oversight.
  • Maintenance Event Management, monitoring and controlling costs.
  • Quality Audit and Assessment of Leasee from technical and operational perspective.
  • Oversight and management of lease return and regulatory compliance.

       About Roseaviation

      Rose Aviation is an Irish company that       specialises in providing consultancy       services to the aviation sector. We offer       a broad range of personalised services,       to meet the specific requirements of our       customers. We maintain an intimate       business relationship, thereby       maximising customer collaboration and       hence customer satisfaction.

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