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One of the greatest advantages of helicopter ownership is that you can go where you want when you want. The speed and flexibility afforded to helicopter owners results in immeasurable benefits in both business and personal life.

However, having purchased a helicopter many owners are frustrated by the regulatory restrictions placed on their helicopter’s movement and consequently they fail to realise the true potential benefit and flexibility that their helicopter can give them.

In the absence of a suitable helipad, helicopters are restricted to airport to airport operations by night and to Class C airspace (in the vicinity of cities) for SVFR (nighttime) operations. By providing a suitable helipad (to ICAO Annex 14 and IAA OAM 08/00 specifications) in your home or office location you can significantly improve your helicopter’s productivity and value for money by facilitating point to point operations by both day and night.

Rose Aviation has extensive experience in the design and approval of helicopter landing pads (onshore and offshore) for private and public sector customers. Our design experience includes approved day/night and elevated/rooftop helipads. We offer a complete helipad package including; design (including ops procedure preparation), application for NAA approval, construction (including the provision of navaids / lights / approach indicators etc), commissioning, and ongoing audit/check of facilities.

For safe operations a helicopter must be able to approach and depart a helipad in a benign obstacle environment in order to comply with Aviation Regulations (ICAO Annex 14). In recognition of these challenges, many urban helipads are elevated at roof-top level. An elevated helipad is ideally suited to a hospital environment, enabling direct access from the hospital’s roof-directly to the place of treatment.

Infrastructure Services

  • Helipad Design Build solutions – on shore and off shore
  • ICAO Annex 14 compliance Audit
  • Liaison with MEP contractors
  • Hangar Design
  • PPP Solutions for public service bodies
  • Landing zone surveys

       About Roseaviation

      Rose Aviation is an Irish company that       specialises in providing consultancy       services to the aviation sector. We offer       a broad range of personalised services,       to meet the specific requirements of our       customers. We maintain an intimate       business relationship, thereby       maximising customer collaboration and       hence customer satisfaction.

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