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AOC Application Process

An Air Operator’s Certificate application process is a complex and arduous process. This process involves many complex stages, including:

  • Pre Application assessment
  • Initial Application review Phase
  • Documentation Conformance Phase
  • Inspection and Demonstration Phase
  • Final Certification Phase

We can help your organisation through the challenging Air Operator’s Certificate application process. We can provide information on the requisite manuals (operations, maintenance, quality, safety), application costs, time frames and personnel requirements. We will complete all conformance reports required, such as approved maintenance organisations, approved training, aircraft operations, organisations, Instruments and Equipment, ETOPS, RVSM, dangerous goods, etc We provide total information on the business plans required for the civil aviation regulator.

With our management, Premier Aviation was granted their AOC from the Irish Aviation Authority on 4th March 2009.

       About Roseaviation

      Rose Aviation is an Irish company that       specialises in providing consultancy       services to the aviation sector. We offer       a broad range of personalised services,       to meet the specific requirements of our       customers. We maintain an intimate       business relationship, thereby       maximising customer collaboration and       hence customer satisfaction.

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